Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Using the Great Conjunction to presage the birth of the Christ

In 7 BC there was a Great Conjunction of the two superior planets, Jupiter and Saturn. It fell at 20º PISCES 55’. Many have hypothesized this to be the fabled star of Bethlehem.

In the Arabic astrology of the middle ages many ancient techniques were used, which are now discarded. The famed astrologer Abu Mas’ar (787 – 886 AD) has preserved many of the Persian astrological techniques for predicting world events, or Mundane Astrology, as it is known. It is likely that the Magi themselves were of Persian origin, and it is possible that they used these, or very similar, techniques in determining the birth time, date and place, of the Savior.

Perhaps this is how the star led them to Him.

I’d like to now demonstrate this, as an exercise in Mundane Astrology.

The Great Conjunctions mark cycles in time, which are divided in ways from the Great Year (the Great Conjunction in Aries, once every 960 years or so) down to the syzygys of the years, occurring twice a month.

In this way, according to tradition, all time unfolds, each moment depending from the higher, longer cycle, right to the top.

Religions and prophets are signified when the Great Conjunction shifts from one triplicity to another. It is interesting to note that the superior planets most often conjoin 12 or 13 times in a single triplicity before jumping into another one. This is not always the case, however, but it is most common and frames the philosophical reasoning behind using these times. The switch in triplicty happens, on average, every 260 years.

The Great Conjunction previous to 7 BC occurred 26 BC, at 3º Leo 17’. Then, on May 29, 7 BC, the great conjunction occurred at 20º Pisces 55’. There was a change in triplicity ruler, so a prophet could be signified. Jupiter rules Pisces, so it is ruler of the Conjunction. The prophet will be a great ascetic, a king, magnanimous, compassionate, abundant, loving and kind.

Setting the chart for Jerusalem (the capital of Judea) we may raise a horoscope for the Conjunction: it lasts from 8:32 am to 11:23 am, local mean time. The middle of this time, then, is 9:57:30 am.

12º Leo 10’ rises, a fitting ascendant for the Christ, may heaven ever bless Him. The conjunction is near the ninth cusp, the house associated with religions and faith. If we take the chart for the onset of the perfection of the Conjunction, Aries rules the 10th house, and it is interesting to note the opposition with Mars, perhaps indicative of a challenge to the status quo, and Roman rule.

The distance from the Ascendant to the degree of the conjunction is 218º 45’. Abu Mas’ar tells us to count each sign as a year, so this distance then translates to 7 years, 106 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes and 54 seconds.

This places the birth on September 12 in the year 0, at 10:44 pm, local mean time.

This seems a fitting time, it is the year the Christian calendar begins, and at a time when Mary and Joseph would be seeking to bed down for the night. This date could fall close to the Jewish new year, Rosh HaShanna in this year. Fall is also an appropriate time for shepherds to be watching their flocks by night.

Interestingly, if we raise a chart for September 12, year 0, at 10:44 pm in Bethlehem, Saturn, ruler of the 9th house is rising in Gemini. A fitting portent of a great religious leader who speaks in parables.

However, this is of course speculation, although there seem to be interesting parallels we can draw. Minor errors in the time of the conjunction can change the date substantially. However, as an exercise in the ancient techniques, long forgotten and discarded in this modern age, it certainly raises some interesting questions.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Analysis of the July 22, 2009, Solar Eclipse for China

The following is an exercise in Mundane Astrology, the art of predicting world events. Main source text is An Easie and Familiar Method Whereby to Judge the Effects Depending on Eclipses, Either of the Sun or Moon, William Lilly, Printed for the Company of Stationers, and H. Blunden, at the Castle in Gornhill, London, 1652. Terms such as 'enemy' and 'war' could apply to diseases, natural disasters, or other afflictions. Other nouns can also be read in this way.

Analysis of the July 22, 2009 Eclipse Shanghai, China

Shanghai is one of the worlds largest, most populous cities. The vast majority of the city (some 2,401 square-miles) is only 13 ft above sea level. On the eastern coast of China, at the confluence of the Yangtze river, Shanghai could well be prone to mass flooding, under the influence of this eclipse. Potential dates for flooding include: November, 2009; March, 2010; September, 2010; July, 2011; September, 2011; and Spring of 2012. While November 2009 is unlikely for flooding, it could be possible (perhaps from the failure of municipal water, upstream rains, surges at sea). I include the date just for completeness. Please see quarterly analysis below for more complete analysis.

In the following description it is necessary to read certain nouns with an open mind. For example the word "enemy" could well mean the Chinese
Government, disease, flooding as well as others opposing the people of

Shanghai has enjoyed autonomy from the state for many years. But that may
be about to change.

When reading this discourse, please bear in mind that certain nouns apply to the city of Shanghai, and may not effect China as a whole. (Although that may also be possible.) The opposition disclosed may be between the Shanghai municipal government, foreign influences, and/or the Chinese government, as opposed to national all out war in the common sense. However, as the sign Cancer has some dominion over the whole of China, at least according to the Arabic astrologers Abu Ma'Shar and Ibn Abi r-Rigal, national interpretations are possible. So please read between these lines. Moreover, the eclipse comes to Shanghai over the rural provinces along the Yangtze (Sichuan and northern Yunnan, Guizhou, and Hunan provinces; Hubei, Anhui, Jiangsu and northern Jiangxi and Zhejiang provinces. These are regions particularly sensitive to these changes.

(While India, Bhutan and Tibet see totality, the eclipse is lower in the sky. However, these regions may also be effected. It is most probable that for these countries Jupiter is Lord of the eclipse, a more beneficent planet than Saturn, one creating increase. However, eclipses on the ascendant, according to Lilly, are particularly powerful. This analysis concerns Shanghai, however.)

Total solar eclipse, Shanghai, China, July 22, 2009, 10:34 am AWST. 29º Cancer 26’.

The Eclipse will last for 3 hours and 25 minutes as it passes from India, across China, into the Pacific. Taking one degree per year, this prolongs its regional effects for 3 years and 152 days, or until December 21, 2012.

Saturn is Lord of the Eclipse, ruling the succeeding angle, and becoming visible in the East during the obscuration. The fixed star Alhena, in the foot of Pollox, one of the twins of Gemini, is conjunct the Midheaven. Of the nature of Mercury, it is also known as "the wound in the ankle of Achillies."

The famed Elizabethan Astrologer, William Lilly, says:

"When the eclipse is in Tropic or Equinoctial singns, viz. Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn, commonly the eclipse is prejudicial to the air and the present season….. In the Summer Solstice, it hurts the corn and lessens the birthing of fruit…. When the eclipse is in Tropics, viz. Cancer or Capricorn, alteration of air, and of offices or places of government." An Easie and Familiar Method Whereby to Judge the Effects Depending on Eclipses, Either of the Sun or Moon, William Lilly, Printed for the Company of Stationers, and H. Blunden, at the Castle in Gornhill, London, 1652, page 10.

Eclipses in the 10th house cause effects "to kingdoms, cities, or countries, kings and princes, or nobles, or persons of quality, or men of middle age…" ibid.

Lilly says of eclipses in the third face of Cancer, "[the eclipse] emits the pox (I conceive the French pox) amongst the men of that country subject unto Cancer, many diseases, and seditions or risings of the people, the vulgar man afflicted generally with the dropsie or such malevolent matter in his stomach as brings him to a consumption." Ibid, page 19.

Finally, Lilly says when Saturn is Lord of the eclipse:

"He is generally the cause of corruptions by reason of cold, more properly he declares continued diseases in the bodies of men, as wasting of the body, or a consumption with has its original form some deflux of reume, he denotes disturbance of the radical humors, fluxes, quartine agues, banishments, poverty, miseries, lamentation, vain fears, mortality of old men especially : A scarcity of such cattle as are useful for mankind, afflicting those cattle which escape death with diseases, so that men are infected that use those cattle, or after the cattle’s death feed upon them. In the air, he stirs up most horrible colds, frosty and icy weather, cloudy and pestilent, the air oftentimes molested; long continued frosts, thick clouds, misty foggy weather, much darkness, abundant snows nothing profitable but destructive, from whose corruptions many poisonous and hurtful creatures proceed. In the rivers and the sea he commonly stirs up most bitter tempests, sudden and manifold shipwrecks, difficult and dangerous voyages and passages, scarcity of corn, and a dearth of fish and water foul. Generally in the sea peculiar recesses or backslidings of the sea from its former bounds and banks, leaving thereby its former channels. In rivers there are great overflowings, violent inundations and corruption of waters; upon earth there follows scarcity of grain, fruit and corn, all things very dear, all manner of provisions scanty and rarely to be had, such especially which conduce to the preservation of mans life; destruction of fruits by caterpillars, worms, locusts, etc. Of grass and hay by floods, by immoderate showers, or by sudden hail storms and furious tempests, so that men perish by famine and such like casualties, and beasts by the unseasonable getting in of winter provisions, and the unnatural nourishment of that food they eat: old men die more plentifully, or more abundance of the perish than in other years; much rancour and malice, and stiff lawsuits do rage amongst the vulgar clowns or country people." Ibid.

The eclipse is in the 10th house, and will affect government. According to some China is ruled by Cancer, so the entire country could be effected by adverse weather, flooding, natural disaster, and even war. (The possibility of an actual invasion should not be ruled out altogether. Such could create a conflict between the people of China.)

We can see from this eclipse, and the charts for the quarters of the years up to December 21, 2012, that ‘war’ and/or disaster will come to Shanghai. Lands will be ruined. There will be much disease. Extended family members and neighbors will inform on each other. There will be a change in government (possibly more than one). The government will move against the people. There is much movement and volatility.

There will be much misery and suffering among the people across Asia. Natural disaster (mass flooding, or an earthquake) is highly possible.

Summer, 2009 (Jun 21 – Sep 23)

The municipal government is receiving investment monies from international sources. In the name of money they embrace their enemies, unknowing they are not friends. Rural China, or the shanty town community around Shanghai, is suffering financially, a great disparity in wealth. A loan is made, or a changing of money. They move toward each other with the promise of strength. Yet secret enemies are positioning. In August, a sickness affects the neighborhoods. The municipal government oppose foreign powers (possibly even Beijing itself). Early September sees the economy diminishing. Early September, on or around September 9, there is anger in government, a boldness, or youthful rashness.

Autumn, 2009 (Sep 23 – Dec 22)

The people are in sympathy with their government. The people are empowered, yet hardened, miserly and cold. There is a turning back, or a return to a sickness. There is some tension between them. The Sun crosses
the Ascendant of the Eclipse late September, unseen the effects are already manifesting. Mars conjuncts the degree of the eclipse around October 13. A new law could come to the people, a new religion or ideology, or foreign (or perhaps Beijing) influences. By early November, new powers are granted government. Land is injured, crops (along the Yangtze, or in Sichuan, Hubei, Anhui and neighboring provinces) may spoil. Land and housing values fall. Early December could see sickness, blight, famine.

Winter 2009-2010 (Dec 22 – Mar 21, 2010)

The people are wandering, there is travel and the roads are busy. January 10 the Sun opposes the degree of the eclipse. There is a split in government. On or around January 29, 2010, a death may occur in the government’s staff. There could be travel accident, or a plane crash. There is an enemy in the municipal government. The government opposes itself. They move from the people towards themselves. Money comes to the government from distant lands (possibly from Beijing). Yet it will work against them. Lands at odds with the people, early March. March 11, 2010 is another date, bad for the government: Passions will be unleashed, and a forwarding drive to power. The enemy of the people is in government. ‘War’, or fire, is possible.

Spring 2010 (Mar 21 – Jun 21)

The people seek inspiration and distant lands. They move away, or return. The government’s second, or their armies (police force?), or monies, are in the hands of the enemy. There may be a killing of youth. Death comes to the people, fires or floods are possible. Livestock suffer and wane. The enemy is strong, yet obscured. Their armaments are gaining in strength, yet subtle. They offer assistance to the people, and they accept it. But it works against them. Dissent is brewing. Early- to mid-June, the people stand up. Middle of June the government is obscured. If there is war (or protest), it is intensifying. The government is split, perhaps by a rise from the ranks.

Summer 2010 (Jun 21 – Sep 23)

The people again seek distant lands. The eclipse is manifesting more strongly. The government is in the hands of investors. The people seek justice. The eclipse is moving into the enemies’ second, their armies (police) or monies are waning. Foreign powers meddle. The plague has begun. July 12, people enraged. July 20, and the weeks before and after, bring suffering.Early- to mid- August, new laws are possible. September sees a falling back of enemy powers, into a defensive position. The construction of camps or prisons begins as Autumn dawns.

Autumn 2010 (Sep 23 – Dec 22)

Foreign powers upset the economy. The government is powerful in the face of the people, yet under the influence of distant powers. The people do not support the new alliance, religion, law, or government. They regress. Lands are afflicted by secret enemies (terrorism? protests?) and fires. Flooding brings death to the people. Imprisonment of government officials is likely. Sickness or quarantine possible. Prisons/camps are filling. Secret police possible. Conscription of youth. Government weakens in latter November.

Winter 2010 – 2011 (Dec 22 – Mar 21, 2011)

The people are stirred up. Great conflict is upon them. The people are divided, and against each other. The government is powerful but divided. There are factions against each other, on all sides. Informants in the neighborhoods. Part of government is making an alliance with the enemy. ‘Spies’ are caught, and imprisoned. The faction of independent fighters (or protestors) is controlled in the onset of the new year. Around January 20, 2011, power struggles emerge to control the city, province, state, or region. A large conflict or struggle ensues. Enemies routed, but at great cost. March sees more imprisonment and suffering, government intervention, and hiding in lands.

Spring 2011 (Mar 21 – Jun 22)

People are threefold. Government is regressing, split once more. Travel is limited. Imprisonment and camps. Missiles kill enemies and government, or death from afar. People rise in April, possibly April 12, or April 30. Lands and crops in rural areas afflicted. A change in government is possible. Government imprisoned? ‘Enemies’ return in May.

Summer 2011 (Jun 22 – Sep 23)

The people begin to feel the full force of the eclipse. A change is upon them. Flooding and natural disaster possible. The new government of the people hangs in the balance. Foreign aid to the people. Roads and infrastructure destroyed early July (July 2?). Casinos, brothels or bars, and/or youth afflicted around July 20. July 30, enemy routed. July 30 great flooding possible? Poverty increases. (The time of espionage has begun.) Earthquake, or flooding, September 15, 16, 17, 18, or 19?

Autumn 2011 (Sep 23 – Dec 22)

Government and people fall back. ‘Enemy’ appears powerful. Lawsuits from opposing governments (or even Beijing?) ? Lands in the hands of the ‘enemy’. Communication and propaganda dominate. Enemies receive foreign aid. Evil winds bring death. More roads destroyed into December.

Winter 2011 – 2012 (Dec 22 – Mar 20, 2012)

Sickness and plague increase, death to the young. Imprisonment and secret policing come to the fore. Lands lost January 10. February 6, government leader, second in command, or senior staff, imprisoned and/or killed. March 5 particularly troublesome. The effects of the eclipse are peaking.

Spring 2012 (Mar 20 – Jun 21)

The people are blotted out. Massive death consumes great numbers. Lands are inundated, drowning; or earthquake; plague, winds and fires. May 26 could see executions of enemies and agitators.

Summer 2012 (Jun 21 – Sep 22)

People are moved to great prisons or camps. Sickness and death persist. Luck empowers the few. The leader steps down. Diplomacy from foreign lands (or from Beijing). A new second in command, July or August.

Autumn 2012 (Sep 22 – Dec 21)

The worst is passing. Government jailed. Economy in shambles. Foreign aid to assist the people, caught in a sickness: the claws of the scorpion. October 18, 19, or 20, the worst is over. New government and economic reform. Negotiations persist through early November.

Early Winter 2012 (Dec 21 –Jan 21, 2013)

Accord is reached by December 30, with foreign assistance. Anger in government and at foreign powers, but understanding brings them together. The worst is passed.